Friday, May 31, 2024

63: Juche rear bear hug (under arms) defense

Move 10 of Juche will seem strange to anyone who only practices striking arts. When on Earth would you ever "block" an attack this way?

But to anyone who has studied grappling, the hand movements look exactly like a common defense to a rear under-arms bear hug, also called rear body lock. Specifically,  you reach under one of the opponent's arms, creating a kimura or double wrist lock. We then turn clockwise to complete the lock.

Images source: Brian Glick

You might not think turning into the guarding block counts as the lock at first, but consider:

- The back hand of the guarding block is controlling the opponent's wrist

- The front forearm is putting pressure on the opponent's forearm; the reason it can't travel all the way forward is that the opponent's forearm is in the way.

The intent is to pull the opponent's arm all the way behind their back, completing the kimura lock