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64: The "spinning top throw" in TKD patterns

Funakoshi's nine throws, which come from his book Karate-do Kyohan, occasionally show up in taekwondo patterns. This is unsurprising since this book was published in 1935, well before the patterns were made. One of these is the spinning top throw, which is an application for a 360-degree spin found in some patterns.

For example, in the video below, Simon John O'Neill applies the spinning angle punch from Keumgang (Kukkiwon pattern). The throw itself is at time 2:03. 


In addition, the spin in the Original Koryo following an inward block may have the same application. If the opponent is not thrown, you may attempt a backfist strike to the back of their head.


Source: Master Jeong

In the case of the ITF patterns, a standing waki gatame lock is preferred to the inward block on the elbow (inward blocks / front blocks are rare in ITF patterns).

The spinning guarding blocks in Gae-Baek may used to create this exact same throw, just putting pressure on the opponent's elbow a different way.

Performance by Joel Denis

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