Sunday, April 8, 2018

E-book update: The Study of Sam-Il

Yes, it's happening.
Here's what will be included:

  • 60+ application drawings
  • Analysis of both the 1965 and 1983 versions of the pattern
  • Explanation of Sam-Il's logical structure; i.e. how all the sets tie together
  • Some thoughts on the design of the Ch'ang Hon patterns
The drawings are mostly done, but editing everything together will take some time. 

What's with the title?

It's a reference to The Study of Seipai by Kenwa Mabuni

What will it cost?

Not free, but not expensive either. I'm thinking the $3-6 range.

Where will it be sold?

Not Amazon, because you have to convert the e-book to Kindle format, which is a pain for a picture book. I'm thinking Google Play Books if possible, and if not that then some aggregator service.

Will there be a print version?


When will it be done?

I'm aiming for some time in May.

Will the applications be material that's already on the blog?

With the exception of the above picture and the set with the two U-shaped blocks, no. That's because my opinion on some of the sets have changed, such as the set with the palm upward block. The applications covered in this blog will go into an "Alternate Applications" section.


  1. I'm working on a book called "The study of keumgang" as a play to the Mabuni book as well:-P I have become sidetracted on a different project though, but I thought it was a bit funny :-)

    1. Haha, and I thought I was being a little clever with that title. The reason for it was that I originally thought a set in Sam-Il was derived from Seipai (the Japanese version of The Study of Seipai was published in 1934), though now I'm not so sure.

      Hope the Keumgang book gets finished.

    2. It will be :-) I have the outline finished but I need to do more writing and photos. I have been tasked with helping the org I train in with a taekwondo history book in Norwegian which is why I became sidetracted. Once it's finished I'll resume work on the study of keumgang:-) good luck with your project:-)