Saturday, October 13, 2018

Big post incoming

I am writing a summary of my research over the past several years, sort of a bookend to this blog. It's so long that I am breaking it down into multiple parts, but I don't want to publish any of it until it's all done, so expect it within the next couple weeks. It will contain various example applications for both ITF forms and KTA black belt poomsae, but the major focus will be the internal structure of forms.

Some of the earlier posts, particularly on Joong-Gun, have been taken down because I have retooled some of the ideas. Not sure whether I'll get around to revised versions.


  1. Sweet! Looking forward to it. I do want to reccomend a book to you. Its "Principal Driven Skill Development in Martial Arts" by Russ Smith. Author is gojo-ryu, but great info on principals to drive kata applications

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Kris. I am swamped in books to read, however there is another gojo-ryu blogger/author, Giles Hopkins, that I find insightful. So I may enjoy it.