Saturday, November 2, 2019

Sharing some Toi-Gye drawings

These drawings were part of an eBook I abandoned on Toi-Gye. I thought I'd share them here instead. They include throwing and locking applications from parts of the pattern. The two wrist locks shown come from the self-defense (Ho Sin Sul) section of the Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do.

Opening set

Twin vertical "punch"

Twin elbows and first mountain block.

 The double forearm "pushing block"
Double forearm high block and low knifehand guarding block (three-quarter turn to throw)
The Study of Sam-Il is still available for sale.


  1. Please keep these coming. Our dojang in MN has Chang Hon forms, and your observations will be added to enrich our curriculum. Have you considered setting up boon hae seminars much like Abernathy does with Shotokan bunkai?

    1. Glad you're finding them of use! As for seminars: I wouldn't know how to start, to be honest! There may be some videos at a future time though.