Monday, September 9, 2019

Gae-Baek opening

In Gae-Baek we open by stepping backwards into an X-knifehand checking block. (Notably, this is the first form that opens with a step back). The "official" explanation for the checking block is that we are blocking a punch.

Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do, Vol 11
There are a couple problems with this application. Why block with two hands when one will do? The wrist twist presented is not in the form. What if we applied this a little differently?

Source: One Minute Bunkai
By deflecting with one arm (the right forearm), we can use the left forearm to chop down on the opponent's elbow, creating a figure-for lock. A straight punch may be too fast for you to apply this technique, but this will also work against a lapel grab.

This technique is a shoulder-lock and will force the opponent to bend towards their right. We follow with the low twisting kick to their right knee, unbalancing them. We finish with the landing into the front stance "punch" as a takedown: pull the opponent down over your right leg with your left hand as you push with your right hand.

Example of a twisting kick to the knee after a figure-four lock
Follow with the second punch to your downed opponent before retreating.

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